Wurk: The Canna-Business’s Best Friend


Are you a canna-business looking for comprehensive cannabis software, a cannabis recruiter, cannabis compliance services, cannabis workforce management, and a cannabis payroll provider? Look no further than Wurk.

Wurk provides state-of-the-art cannabis software with compliance modules in each state to keep your business compliant. Their cannabis recruiter module helps you easily source and find the talent you need, while their cannabis workforce management keeps track of employee hours and time-off requests. And, their cannabis payroll provider pays your employees accurately and on-time.

But, Wurk isn’t just about technology. Wurk also provides an Account Manager for each client to serve as a dedicated resource for their cannabis business. Their Account Managers are knowledgeable and experienced in cannabis industry payroll, compliance, and human resource regulations.

With Wurk, you’ll benefit from comprehensive cannabis software, a compliant and convenient cannabis payroll provider, and the expertise and guidance from the Account Managers. That is why Wurk is the canna-business’s best friend.

For more information about Wurk and how it can help your business, check out Wurk’s website.