The Sustainable Living Dream with S&H GreenLife


For residents of La Luz, NM and High Rolls, NM, the dream of sustainable living is closer than ever, thanks to S&H GreenLife. Our roots run deep in environmental consciousness, and that’s why we commit to providing goods that support an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Every corner of our store is filled with goods curated to make your daily life easier and more sustainable. We pride ourselves on offering everything from personal care products to household essentials that are not only good for you but also minimal in their environmental impact.

S&H GreenLife understands the necessity of embracing a sustainable lifestyle in our changing world. We work tirelessly to not just offer environmentally-friendly products, but also cultivate an environmentally-conscious community in La Luz and High Rolls.

Visit us and experience the difference that S&H GreenLife brings to your doorstep. Here, you’ll find goods that are more than just products, but are, in fact, a lifestyle shift towards a healthier planet. Your green life awaits. Embark on your journey today.

We are not just a store – we are a sustainable living experience. Come and be a part of our mission today.