The Journey to Wellness with SOAR Dispensary


In the heartland of Mississippi, a beacon of compassion emerged. At the onset of opening its doors to the public, SOAR Dispensary became more than a mere point on a list of “Marijuana Near Me” web searches. It was conceived with a bold mission: to provide medical cannabis to those seeking relief in the Hattiesburg, Greenville and everywhere in-between, from Olive Branch to the culturally rich city of Meridian.

In the bustling college town of Starkville, a middle-aged woman, weary from battling chronic pain, set off on a quest to discover her relief. Her journey led her to our dispensary, a beacon of hope in her long-suffering life.

SOAR Dispensary met her with open arms, and our knowledgeable staff guided her to understanding the intricacies and power of medical marijuana. We offered her the compassion and guidance she long yearned.

The relief she found revolutionised her life, and it is a story echoed across the cotton fields of Grenada, the lively town of Olive Branch, and every corner of Mississippi transformed by medical cannabis. At SOAR Dispensary, more than providing medical cannabis, we offer the opportunity to break free from pain and truly SOAR.