How SOAR Dispensary Transformed Grenada’s Local Cannabis Industry


When SOAR Dispensary entered the Grenadian market, it faced an untapped industry with substantial challenges. The native population was skeptical of cannabis usage due to cultural and legal concerns. Despite this, SOAR Dispensary envisioned a future where Grenada’s residents could access high-quality, locally sourced cannabis and reap its astounding benefits.

Educating the local populace was their first objective. They ran several workshops and awareness campaigns, debunked myths about cannabis use, and exposed the medicinal and recreational benefits of the plant. Following the success of these campaigns, they launched their first dispensary, offering a wide variety of strains, edibles, and other cannabis products.

Sales skyrocketed shortly after their grand opening, helped by their quality goods and emphasis on customer education. The crown jewel of their implementation, however, was their delivery service. A first for Grenada, this service boosted ease of access and fostered a higher level of customer service.

Today, SOAR Dispensary – Grenada stands as a beacon of progression in the local cannabis industry, showcasing the transformative power of education and quality service. The result is an enlightened and flourishing market for cannabis, thanks to their innovation.